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Stand out. Get hired. Do the work you love.

Have you hit a wall with your job search? Are you ready to start looking for a new job, but not even sure where to start?

You’re not alone.

Let’s face it, job searching can be a frustrating, confusing, and isolating process, especially when you’re looking for mission-driven work. Do any of these sound familiar?  

  • You want to be strategic with your job search, but you’re not sure how to maximize your time and energy. Every time you sit down to do some work, you feel paralyzed, like you’re not sure where to start or what to do first.  
  • Now that you’re advancing in your career, you know that you need to be more intentional about the roles you pursue. You get that that applying to jobs online isn’t that effective, but you’re not sure how to find opportunities that you can get excited about (and that can pay the bills!).
  • You’re struggling with telling your story, especially when your career path is a little…non-linear. You know you have lots of great skills and value to bring to an organization, but you’re not sure how to communicate them in an effective way.
  • It seems like the “best practices” for things like resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn are changing all the time, and it’s virtually impossible to keep up. You know you need to be up on the latest trends, but Googling can only get you so far.

And to add to all this, there’s the emotional toll of job searching. One minute you’re flying high after getting an interview, and the next you’re devastated after the role you’ve invested so much time in doesn’t pan out.

This process can take a hit on your confidence, and it can make you feel really alone. You can only vent to your family and friends so many times about your frustrations. They’re sympathetic and supportive, but they don’t really get it.

So you’re tired of going it alone, feeling stuck, and putting in the time and work but not seeing results. You know something needs to change, but what?

Job Search Bootcamp will help you answer that question and give you the tools, motivation, and support to find and land a job you love.

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How it started

Our founder Erin created Job Search Bootcamp to fill a need she saw among many of her clients, and that she experienced herself. When she hit about the 10 year mark post-college, she realized she needed to approach her career and job search in a different way. She needed to:

  • Be more strategic and intentional about finding her next job. She now had a master’s degree and experience across several sectors. She knew more about what she liked and  was good at and had different priorities than earlier in her career. She couldn’t just pick up and move anywhere, and her salary requirements were definitely higher. It was time to put more thought into what she wanted to do next, instead of taking whatever opportunity sounded good or came along first.  
  • Tap and cultivate her professional network. Her first few jobs out of college and grad school had come through campus recruiting or a more structured government application process. She knew that networking was important, but had never gotten a job that way and wasn’t sure how to navigate the process to find a job.
  • Figure out how to market and talk about her varied skillset: she had worked in the private sector, government, and nonprofits and on topics from education to international public health. She had experience as a recruiter and HR professional, a U.S. diplomat, and a nonprofit program/project manager. How could (and should) she tie those together into a story that made sense?

Erin eventually figured out a path forward after lots of trial and error, and once she started working as a career coach, she saw that many of her clients were wrestling with the same topics at about the same time in their careers.

So she started Job Search Bootcamp in 2016 to help mid-career social impact professionals find and land their next jobs, in a group structure that provides support, collaboration, accountability, and motivation – the very things that are missing when you’re job searching on your own.

If this approach resonates and you’re ready to think seriously about your next steps, we hope you’ll join us and a group of like-minded professionals to kick your job search into gear.

This is a fantastic program that completely reframed my approach to finding a new job. Before I signed up for Bootcamp, I was applying for lots of jobs with no results. This program helped me focus my search and improve my application materials and tactics. The feedback provided by the coaches was incredibly helpful, and since completing the Bootcamp I have been selected for interviews with several organizations I would love to work for. Bootcamp was the best professional development experience I have had, and it was 100% worth the cost because I am seeing immediate results. Thank you!

– Heather K. 

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Why it works

Wouldn’t it be nice to get momentum in your job search and check off those tasks you’ve been putting off? Like updating your resume? Dusting off the LinkedIn profile you haven’t updated since starting your last job? Finally setting up those networking coffees you’ve been thinking about but not acting on?

There’s a reason you haven’t gotten the results you want on your own. This work is hard. It requires tons of self-motivation, insight into your own strengths and weaknesses, and the ability to weather a lot of ups and downs.

That’s why we created the Bootcamp to be a fast-paced, intense program to help you get unstuck and get results. Our meetings each week are action-packed and fun, and you’ll leave each one with specific steps to take in the week ahead to ensure you’re on track toward your goals.

The program will give you the structure, tools and motivation you need to tackle the hard stuff that’s keeping you from taking the next step in your career. And the feedback, support and encouragement you’ll get from other group members will give you new clarity on your strengths and accomplishments and help you navigate the inevitable highs and lows of the job search.

But don’t just take it from us – here’s what other Bootcampers had to say after finishing the program:

I had just received a rejection from a final round interview before finding Bootcamp. I was feeling stuck and not sure how to move forward or where to look. Now, I’m feeling much more confident and like I get to take this job search into my own hands. If you’re unsure of your next career steps, Bootcamp will give you the boost you need to put yourself out there. You are given tools, resources, and a wonderful network to support you.”

– S.J. 

I have so much more clarity on the type of role I want and confidence in my ability to present myself effectively. I feel like I know what I’m doing when it comes to my materials and I have a way to approach networking that makes it feel less daunting. I really like the structured approach of Bootcamp and the thorough materials and resources. Having the built-in community of folks across the social sector was also fantastic.” 

– Sareen P. 

Before the Bootcamp, I felt stuck. I had been submitting applications online and doing little to no networking. My confidence was shaken. Now, I feel empowered and knowledgeable about job searching. As a result of the Bootcamp, I have a catchy LinkedIn page and a one-page resume that highlights my skills and value. Bootcamp empowered me to think differently, bolster my network and create a path to pursue my goals.”

– Abby B.

The small-group format of Job Search Bootcamp was refreshing and helpful. We quickly felt comfortable sharing our experiences and giving each other feedback; through the coaches’ professional guidance and our combined networks, several of us began landing interviews within a few weeks. By the end of the Bootcamp, I had a new job! If you’re a mid-career professional who’s feeling “stuck” in your job search, I highly recommend signing up.”

– Nicole G.

Who it’s for

This program isn’t for everyone. It’s probably a great fit for you if:

  • You’re a mid-career professional, with about 10-25 years of work experience.
  • You want to do work that has a positive social impact, in the private, public, or nonprofit sectors.
  • You have some ideas about what you’d like to do next, even if you’re not exactly sure what type of role you’re looking for
  • You’re motivated to work hard on your job search and you’re able to spend at least 5 hours per week on this program, both during and outside of group meetings.
  • You’re open to coaching and new ideas about the best way to get results.  
  • You’re excited to work with a group of like-minded peers and to give and receive honest feedback in a group setting.

Who it’s not for

This program likely isn’t the right fit for you if:

  • You’re early in your career or planning to retire soon; these are unique situations that benefit from a different focus than what we cover in Bootcamp
  • You are not interested in pursuing a career focused on social impact
  • You want to spend significant time on career exploration; this program moves quickly and you’ll get the most from it if you have some ideas about what you want to do next (it’s ok if you’re not sure!) 
  • You’re looking for a customized coaching experience or extensive 1:1 support instead of a group coaching program; if this is the case please consider our Individual Coaching Program 
  • You aren’t able to commit at least 5 hours per week to this program and attend the majority of our coaching calls; we want you to get the most from Bootcamp, so please join us for a future round if you can’t make this commitment right now
  • You’re not open to changing your approach or getting feedback from coaches and peers.  

What we’ll do

Job Search Bootcamp is a group coaching program designed to help mid-career social impact professionals kick start or reinvigorate their job search.

Every week you’ll have two highly interactive meetings with your coaches and a group of other social impact job seekers to build your skills in each step of the job search process, with time for discussion, Q&A, and feedback. 

In between meetings, you’ll complete assignments through our comprehensive course platform to ensure you’re making progress toward your goals. 

Topics we cover in the program include:

1Create Your Job Search Strategy

Developing your job search strategy and goals

2Tell Your Career Story

Identifying your strengths and unique career story 

3Activate Your Network

Networking strategy and tools

4Update Your Toolkit

Resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles

5Nail the Interview

Interview strategy, practice, and feedback

6Negotiate the Offer

Negotiation strategy and best practices

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What you’ll get

If you join Job Search Bootcamp and commit to attending the meetings and completing all assignments, by the end of the program you will have:

  • Goals and a plan for your search, to help you structure your time and work smarter not harder
  • Increased clarity and confidence about what you want next in your career and how to tell your unique career story
  • Job search tools to help you stand out and get hired: a revamped resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter
  • Proven tactics to help you succeed in behavioral interviews and feedback to improve your performance
  • Practice and tools to negotiate job offers and ask for what you want with confidence

In addition, you’ll get:

  • Insights and advice from a team of expert career coaches and recruiters with deep experience in the social sector
  • Accountability and support from social impact peers, and an expanded professional network that you will rely on far beyond the end of the program
  • Lifetime access to our comprehensive job search content, including 40+ videos, templates and guides that you can use now and in the future
  • A private discussion space to ask questions and get support in between meetings
  • Inclusion in a growing network of social impact professionals and exclusive access to news, job postings, and other content shared only with our clients

When it happens

Job Search Bootcamp groups are held virtually via the Zoom video meeting platform. Groups are intentionally kept small and fill up quickly, and those signed up on our interest list will receive early application access.

Calls are held weekly at the following times:

  • Tuesdays: 90 minute whole group calls, from 12-1:30 pm Eastern / 9-10:30 am Pacific. 
  • Fridays: 45 minute small group coaching calls, from 12-12:45 pm Eastern / 9-9:45 am Pacific.  

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*Additional Benefits*

We’ve made several exciting updates to the program to provide even more value for you:

  • We’re giving you even more Bootcamp! Based on feedback from past participants that they just didn’t want Bootcamp to end (really!), we’ve extended the program to eight weeks, with one week of bonus content and an implementation week to give you time to get the work done as we go. 
  • We have an expanded team of expert coaches to support you! Our coaching team has over 60 years of combined experience in recruiting, HR, and leadership roles in the social sector. Each Bootcamp group is supported by a team of three of our coaches, and we can’t wait to share our insider knowledge with you and help you succeed in your search!
  • We give you access to all of our materials and content via our comprehensive course platform (a $397 value on its own!), which will enhance your learning experience and ensure all the tools you need are right at your fingertips. 

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What it costs

Your investment in the program includes nearly 16 hours of live group coaching meetings, eight weeks of coaching support, lifetime access to all course materials and recordings, and inclusion in our growing network of social impact professionals.  

  • Early pricing: $997 up front, or three payments of $347
  • Regular pricing: $1397 up front, or three payments of $497
  • Bootcamp Plus (+ 3 one hour individual coaching sessions to be used before, during, or after the program): $847 add on
We are working to become an intentionally anti-racist organization, and we are committed to helping remove barriers to access and opportunity for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). We have several partial scholarships available for this program for applicants who identify as BIPOC; please tell us if you’d like to be considered for these in the application form.

Want more support? 

Bootcamp Plus

Are you looking for more tailored support as you navigate your career transition? Bootcamp Plus combines the Job Search Bootcamp program with three one-hour individual coaching sessions. It’s a great way to combine group and individual coaching – the best of both worlds!

Why choose Bootcamp Plus? Targeted coaching can be a great way to get support for your specific needs and goals, whether that’s getting more clarity on your career direction, professional feedback on your materials or interview style, or guidance on how to share your story.  

Bootcamp Plus allows you to invest in additional coaching time at a discount from our normal rates. Think of it like adding a few personal training sessions to the group coaching experience! 

I was initially planning to do individual coaching instead of the Bootcamp, and I’m so glad I did the combination. I got the benefits of working with the group and also having dedicated support from a coach on the priority areas where I wanted to go deeper. Doing both gave me a wider set of tools and a bigger community to support me in my search. It was a great balance.”

– Bootcamp Plus participant

Ready to go?

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Questions? Please see the FAQs and feedback from past participants below. If your question isn’t answered there, please get in touch.

Not able to join us live?

Self-Study Bootcamp

We know that the timing of our meetings may not work for everyone, so in addition to our live Bootcamp groups we now offer a self-study version of the Bootcamp that you can join at any time. With this program you’ll get access to all the course materials immediately and you can work through them at your own pace.

You also have the option to add a 1:1 coaching session at a discounted rate, if you’d like additional coaching support. Sign up today and get your Bootcamp journey started!

Learn about the Self-Study course


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What Bootcampers say

Bootcamp was the best time and money I have spent in a long time. For anyone who is in the midst of or even thinking about a career transition, this is such an exceptional opportunity to refine your thinking about who you are and what you want, and to develop a compelling case for why prospective employers would want and need you on their teams.”

– Becky S.

I am so thankful to have done this course. I drew on so much of the good practice and advice through the interview and negotiation process and my AMAZING accountability partner helped prep me every step of the way! I am pretty sure I would never have landed this new job without Bootcamp.”

– Adele H. 

“Thank you for ALL your help, support, cheerleading and guidance. I’m pretty excited that I landed the first job I applied for in a decade, and that it’s going to be such a good fit. The Bootcamp was brilliant for me, and I really appreciate the network you’re building.”

– Rebecca V.   

Before Bootcamp, I knew what I needed to do to kickstart my search, but I felt overwhelmed. I needed accountability and motivation to kick my job search into gear, and the Bootcamp did just that. If you are looking for accountability and structure in your job search, this program is for you!”

– Elsa W.

There is so much advice online, but you’ve curated it at just the right level in this course. The community and accountability to a group was key to keeping my energy and focus, and the best practices from an accessible, knowledgeable and relatable coach are a great value for the money. And the intentional thinking about my strengths, what I’m looking for, and what I have to contribute is a foundation that will serve me beyond just this moment.”

– Sara C. 

I thought about this Bootcamp for some time before joining and am thrilled with the results! It was a major confidence booster, and the work I did to update my job search materials is invaluable. I really enjoyed this virtual format and the pace at which it moved. I’m WAY farther down the job search path, and I feel like I’m ready to move forward.”

– Mindy N.

“This experience far exceeded my expectations! I am blown away by the depth of the resources you have provided and am so grateful to feel like I have the confidence and game plan I need to get a job I love! Connecting with others and going through the job hunting process as a group was incredibly valuable and an added benefit to the course material, resources, structure and 1-1 support.”

– Kim T.

This format is even better than one-on-one coaching, because you have the power of the group to support you. If you need to step back and take a fresh look at your career path and you want to meet like-minded social impact professionals over a focused six-week program, take the Bootcamp.”

– Erin T.

“Before Bootcamp, I felt unmotivated and unfocused. I didn’t know how to spend my time and what next steps to take. Now, I feel confident and sure of my past work experience and how to share it. I have a framework for what to do at every step of the process, and a cohort of folks who I can reach out to for practice, encouragement, advice, and ideas.

– Fannie W.

The job search process can be incredibly daunting. The structure that you bring to this process and the support from fellow job searchers is invaluable. It helped me reflect on my job search as well as my career as a whole.”

– Stephanie S.

Erin is a skilled facilitator and networker who knows how to coach people through their hesitancies and uncertainties about the job search. The homework and exercises she provided were top notch and very useful for clarifying goals and problems. She’s an unwavering cheerleader for people to find their best selves in work that’s meaningful for them. I would highly recommend her Bootcamp.”

– Toni H.

I feel like the job search process has been demystified! I am now more able to articulate my own professional background and goals. I identified issues with my resume and cover letter that I didn’t even know existed, and have since fixed them. I flipped my LinkedIn account from something I despised and didn’t understand to a more controlled and polished networking tool. And I feel much more prepared & confident going into job interviews.”

– Jessica L.

The Bootcamp provided a space for me to develop a clear idea of who I am as a professional and to share that in a succinct way. The intense self examination of my values, my worth, and my skills has been invaluable to me and given me a renewed sense of possibility and opportunity in my job search. Within three weeks of starting the Bootcamp, I had my first interview in nearly two years for a job I felt truly matched my skills and values.”

– Heather P.

Prior to the Bootcamp, I felt stuck in my search. I was unsure of the direction I wanted to focus on and the effectiveness of networking. Through the process of working with our coach and group, I was able to identify companies that I would like to work for and dispel negative assumptions about networking, and I now feel much more confident about that aspect of the job search. Resumes and LinkedIn were de-mystified, and I now have a framework of what works. There were so many valuable things I learned through this program, it is tough to choose just one.”

– April M.

When I first learned about Job Search Bootcamp, I was feeling defeated, unfocused and unsure of myself as a professional – even with an extensive professional background! The group process and accountability, individual assignments and ongoing encouragement helped to turn all of that around. I was successful in recreating my job search material, narrowing and focusing my networking and outreach, and regaining confidence in my skills and abilities. I highly recommend this group to anyone going through a career transition, relocation or even if you just need a career reboot and shakeup!

– Lauri B.

“Before Bootcamp, I didn’t know how to tell my story and was losing focus on what I wanted. I also felt lonely. Now, I feel more energized and I know that there are many people like me out there who are also struggling with the job search. I’ve improved my resume and cover letters, I am better prepared to tell my story to others, and I’m much more organized with my job search goals.”

-Helena B.

If you’re ready to launch a focused job search, Bootcamp is a great way to prepare to go into interviews with confidence and gives you tools to feel more in control of the search process. The materials are extremely relevant and informative and the small group format provides a great forum for learning from other participants.”

– Jennifer A. 

I am really glad I took this course. I feel more aware of my strengths now, and all the work we put in helped me realize what I can bring to an organization. In the Bootcamp, you will learn things that can really push you ahead in your job search and you’ll grow a strong network at the same time.”

– Suti S.

Before joining Bootcamp, I was burnt out and I knew I needed a change, but I didn’t know how to focus my energy. I was excited about the possibilities but had no clue where to start in looking for something next! Now I have so much more clarity on the roles I know I would be a great fit for. I also feel like I’ve gotten to know myself a lot more through this process, which makes me feel confident going into my job search.”

– Carrie Z. 

Before the Bootcamp, I had a sense of the direction I wanted to go, but I didn’t know how to go about it. I also knew my resume and cover letter were in desperate need of a makeover. Bootcamp gave me a new perspective on how my materials were being viewed from the other side, and provided tools to make things tangible and practical. Having a group of like-minded individuals to bounce ideas off of was such a big help, and being able to write and submit resumes and cover letters has been so much easier since solidifying what I envision for myself and how I can make that show up on paper.”

– Leslie A.

“I got new energy and self-confidence after taking this class. I feel better about my networking, negotiation, and interview skills in a way that I could not have done alone.”

– Michelle W.