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I can’t recommend Careers for Social Impact highly enough! I struggled with the job search for several months before meeting my coach. She helped me focus my job search strategy and update my marketing materials so I could network with confidence. I wish I had hired her months ago!
Shawn L., Sustainability
Making a career change can be a challenging and confusing time. I often went into our meetings unsure and filled with questions, but my coach always provided sound advice and recommendations on active steps to move forward. After following her recommendations I landed a great job.
Eli R., Business Owner to Private Sector Startup
Meeting with my coach was the best investment that I made in myself this year. I was unprepared to move from a nonprofit to a large business, and my coach helped me completely change my marketing materials and improve my interviewing skills. Her experience really shows.
Jane L., Nonprofit to Private Sector

Latest Posts

Announcing Our Summer Coaching Specials!
Announcing Our Summer Coaching Specials!
May 22, 2023
Summer is a time when many people put their career plans on pause. “I’ll pick this back up in the fall,” we often hear from potential clients. But summer is actually a great time to focus on your career. Hiring is still happening and you'll have less competition this time of year as other job seekers take time off. And even if...
Staying Focused on Your Career During Down Times is Critical – Here’s Why
Staying Focused on Your Career During Down Times is Critical – Here’s Why
January 6, 2023
With more layoffs in the news recently, it might feel like the outlook for hiring right now is bleak. When times are tough, it can seem logical to put off thinking about your career and just focus on getting through. But the truth is that the "down" times are actually the most important times to be...
The Power of Rest
The Power of Rest
May 23, 2022
If there’s one thing we’ve learned these past few years, it’s that rest is essential to persist through the challenges life consistently throws at us. Especially for those of us working in social impact, it’s important to find a balance between taking action and supporting others and taking care of ourselves.

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