What’s different about the virtual vs. in person Bootcamp groups?

In short, not much! While of course it’s a different experience not being together in the same place physically, I strive to create a very similar experience for participants in the virtual group. This is not an online course that you take by yourself (because what’s the fun in that?!). Our weekly virtual meetings are held live on the Zoom video platform and we’ll cover all the same content, activities and exercises as the in person groups.

The only structural difference between the two groups is that virtual meetings are split into a 90-minute meeting and a 30-minute follow up call, while in person meetings are two hours. You will still be matched with an accountability partner to check in with weekly, and we’ll learn, celebrate and build community just as we would if we were together in person. More and more work is being done virtually these days, so if you haven’t had the chance to do video meetings before, this will also be a great skill to learn to prepare for your next job!   

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