Coaching FAQs

See below for some additional information about our coaching approach and what it’s like to work with us. Ready to learn more? Please fill out this form to request an initial consultation. We’re excited to learn more about you!

What makes you unique? 

As practicing recruiters, we have a unique viewpoint and understanding of what employers are looking for, and we will share this knowledge with you. We stay up to date on the latest trends and strategies that organizations are using. In addition, we offer:

  • Concrete, tangible advice: we will give you tools, tips, and tactics that you can implement right away, and we’ll check in regularly to make sure that you’re getting the traction you want in your search.
  • Lifelong job search skills: we will “teach you to fish”, helping you unlock the secrets of an effective job search so that you can be a master moving forward.

Some of the specific things we can help with include:

  • How to tap into the “hidden” job market. Did you know that 80% of jobs are never posted? This probably includes the job you’re looking for!
  • How to leverage and build your personal and professional network to support your job search. People want to help you, but first you have to ask. We can help you get more comfortable with networking and identify specific people to target in your search.
  • How to budget your time and keep yourself organized. It’s often said that looking for a job is a full-time job, and we’ll talk about how you can work smarter to ensure that you’re conducting your search efficiently and effectively.

What don’t you do?

While we pride ourselves in our flexibility to tailor our work to your needs, there are a few things we won’t do, including:

  • Do all of the work for you: we’ll provide lots of feedback, suggest specific language and written edits to documents, and share best practices, but we won’t go away and write your resume for you and hand it back to you as a finished product. Instead, we will work together through a collaborative process to co-create a fantastic resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile and ensure you learn the skills and best practices so that you can continue to update your materials in the future.
  • Tell you what to be when you grow up: we will give you advice and ask you targeted questions to help you determine what the best path or decision is, but ultimately this process is about YOU owning your search and your career. That means there will be some hard work involved, but we will be here to help and support you along the way!

Who do you typically work with?

We have worked with clients from a wide variety of career stages and industries, and our specialty is working with mid-career social impact professionals. We define mid-career as approximately 10-25 years of work experience and “social impact” as an interest in doing mission-driven work in the private, public, or non-profit sectors.

Where will we meet?

We meet virtually using the Zoom video meeting platform.

What are your hours?

Each of our coaches sets their own schedule, and we generally keep standard business hours (9-5, Monday-Friday). However some coaches may be available outside of those ours. For our clients who are working full-time, we can arrange meetings on the early or later end the day or during lunch to minimize disruptions to your work.

How long would we work together?

We offer a three month individual coaching program and a six week group coaching program. After you complete one of these programs, we can continue to work together as needed if you would like additional support.

How much do you charge?

We believe in transparency and will always publish our current rates on our website. Please see the individual coaching and group coaching pages for current pricing information. We understand that cost is a major consideration for job seekers, which is why we offer a monthly payment option for our individual coaching program as well as a group coaching program which allows you to share the cost of coaching with others and a self-study program. We also periodically offer workshops; please check our events page for upcoming dates.

If you are interested in recruitment consulting support, please contact us to discuss the specifics of your project so that we can prepare a quote for you.

Why should I work with a coach anyway?

Working with a coach is a big decision, and an investment of your time and money. So what should you expect in return? The biggest benefits of working with a coach include:

  • Motivation and accountability: your coach should encourage you, help you set ambitious yet achievable goals, and hold you accountable by asking about your progress. Ultimately, this should help you achieve your goal more quickly and effectively than you would on your own.
  • Encouragement and support: the job search process can be tough on your confidence. Your coach should offer consistent encouragement, help your reframe and learn from disappointments, and ensure that you celebrate your successes so that you continue to approach the search with confidence, which is key to landing a job!
  • Objective feedback and fresh perspective: friends and family members can be great supports in your search, however they have preconceived ideas about your strengths, weaknesses, and career path that may not match who you really are or what you want. A coach can serve as an objective, trusted third party who can help you see things differently and give you a perspective that you would never get from those who already know you well.
  • Expertise: while you can certainly learn a lot on your own, your coach can provide a level of industry knowledge and expertise that you can’t find on books or online. They can also tailor that expertise to your specific situation and give you advice that is meaningful for you and your search.

We believe that mutual fit and trust are extremely important when working with a coach, and we encourage you to work with someone whose style and approach you feel comfortable with, whether that is us or someone else! We are always happy to provide referrals to other coaches we think highly of, if you are looking for a different approach.

How do I get started?

If you are interested in individual coaching, the first step is to set up an initial consultation call so we can learn more about your needs and determine if we would be a good fit to work together. Please fill out this form to share more about your background and goals and we will follow up about scheduling a time to talk.

If you are interested in group coaching, please see the Job Search Bootcamp page for information on upcoming program dates. You can register from that page for groups that are currently enrolling, or sign up to be notified when future groups are open for registration.