Individual Coaching Client Page


We’re so glad that you’ve decided to work with us through our individual coaching program, and we’re looking forward to getting started. This page will give you an overview of all the information you’ll need for our work together, including what to expect during the program, how to communicate with us, and resources that we’ll be using in our work together.

Program overview

During our six meetings, we’ll cover a range of topics to ensure you have the tools you need to prepare for and execute a successful job search. While we’ll tailor our work to your specific needs, here is a general overview of what we’ll cover during the three month program.

We will meet every two weeks over video via the Zoom meeting platform, and our meetings will be 75 minutes long.

In between meetings, we will be asking you to complete assignments and share them back. We will discuss your specific homework at the end of each meeting and will also send you an email after each meeting confirming the next steps we have agreed to. While your assignments will be customized, here is an overview of the assignments that we typically ask clients to complete after each meeting.

Zoom meeting logistics

Zoom is a very convenient platform for video conferencing. If you haven’t tried it before, it’s very easy to use! You will receive a meeting invite with the link to use for our meetings.

Plan to join meetings from a location where you can use your video camera and where there is not too much background noise. Zoom is typically very reliable as long as you have a strong internet connection, however if we experience technical difficulties at any point we can switch to a phone call. Here is more information about using Zoom, including several tutorials you can watch if you are interested.

Preparing for our first meeting

There are several things you should do to prepare for our first meeting:

Logistics (required)

  1. Complete your intake form and review the coaching policies
  2. Pay your invoice
  3. Upload your resume and any other job search materials you’d like to review together (job descriptions, application materials, assessments you’ve taken in the past, etc.) to the shared folder that has been created for you. This will also be a place for us to store and share documents we work on together. 
  4. If you are on Facebook, join our client community and introduce yourself to our community of social impact professionals. This is a place to connect with our other current and former clients and to access information we share exclusively with clients. 

Content (optional, but encouraged)

  1. Think about whether there are any specific questions or topics you’d like to cover in our first meeting, and share those with us in your intake form.
  2. Read through our blog, in particular these posts:
  3. Read these optional pre-reading articles and consider the reflection questions:
  4. If you are looking for further reading, check out some of our favorite job search books.

Communication and accessing resources

Your coach will provide you with their contact information and will generally be available during standard business hours. Within 24 hours of each meeting, we will send you a summary email recapping next steps and things we want you to work on.

We know that questions often come up between our meetings, and email support is included in the program. We aim to respond to all client emails within 24 hours. If for some reason you haven’t received a response from us in that timeframe, feel free to send a follow up. If your email is time sensitive and you need a response by a certain time, please note that in the subject line.

Accessing templates and guides

All of our coaching resources and materials are presented using the Kajabi course platform, which you will receive access to after your first meeting. You will have ongoing access to these materials, even after our program ends, and we update them several times a year with new content. These materials are for our clients only, so please do not share them with anyone else. 

Sharing your work and getting feedback

We will ask you to return any worksheets 24 hours before our meeting to give us time to review them, and we ask for at least 72 hours to review your resume and other documents that require our edits. You can either send completed documents via email, or save them to your shared Google Drive folder. We prefer to work on resume edits in Word for version control, so please share your resume in that format. For other documents, MS Office or Google Doc formats are both fine.  

The program includes two rounds of review of your LinkedIn summary, resume, and cover letter. Typically we will do an initial review and provide feedback and send the content back to you for edits, we will discuss in our next meeting, and then we will do one more round of review.

Rescheduling meetings

We allow you to reschedule one meeting as a courtesy, and we ask for at least 24 hours notice (ideally more) to reschedule a meeting. Please notify us as soon as you know you need to reschedule and we will work to find an alternate time to meet.