Holistic Impact Coaching


Your career is important – and so are all the other parts of your life

Our Holistic Impact coaching program is for mission-driven professionals who are at a crossroads in their work and lives.

This six month 1:1 coaching program provides space, partnership, and accountability to help you get clear on what you want in the next chapter of your life and career and take action to make it happen.  

Do you feel like the current of life is carrying you along, and you lack a clear vision for where you’re headed? If so, it’s time to step out of the water and intentionally design the personal and professional impact you want to have next.

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Erin is incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate, and focused. Through our sessions she helped me integrate different elements of my life and uncover areas in need of more care and attention. Having served in leadership roles for more than 20 years and coached my own teams, it was refreshing to have someone support my own growth and development. I recommend Erin and her team to anyone who wants to bring more health and energy to any aspect of their life.”

– Emily D.

Why this program?

In mid-life it’s common to hit a transition point where you wonder what’s next. You’re about halfway through your career, and your life has changed in major ways.

You have different priorities or responsibilities now – kids, a home, or aging parents, to name a few – and you’re finding that you need to rethink how your career fits with all these other parts of your life. 

You’ve achieved many of the goals you set as a young adult, which can leave you feeling lost or uncertain about what to focus on next – like you’ve lost that spark or sense of ambition that once motivated you.

You may find yourself yearning for a deeper sense of purpose and impact in your life and work, but feeling unclear on how to find it. 

And amidst all this, you’ve lost touch with your sense of self as you’ve focused so much on the needs of others. 

What would be possible if you could:

  • Cast aside the self-doubts and worries that are keeping you stuck?
  • Ignore all the “shoulds” and expectations, so you can focus on what’s truly right for you?
  • Quiet the critical voices in your mind so you can hear your own inner wisdom?
  • Center your own wants, needs, and dreams, without feeling guilty?

By reconnecting with who you are and what you want, you can regain that sense of clarity and purpose you once had and create a new vision for the next chapter of your life and career.

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Who is this for?

This program is designed for mid-career professionals (approximately 15-25 years of work experience) who want to reconsider where their lives are headed and the impact they want to have across all the dimensions of their lives: in their roles as professional, parent, partner, and person who wants to make the world a better place. 

This program is focused on exploring your life holistically, including how your career can support your bigger goals and vision. You may be:

  • Wanting to better balance your work with other aspects of your life such as parenting, your relationships, or your health 
  • Moving into a new role that requires a different way of thinking and being  
  • Considering returning to work after time away and wanting to think intentionally about this next phase and how to integrate your work and life 
  • Exploring a shift in your career focus to make space for other priorities (for example taking a sabbatical, making the move to consulting or business ownership, stepping back from the full-time workforce) 
  • Experiencing a major life transition or adjusting to a new phase of life, and considering how your career fits into that 

What will we do?

The program includes 12 coaching sessions over six months. The initial session is a 75-minute discovery session to establish your goals, and the rest are 45-minute coaching sessions.

You will leave each session with specific action steps you are committing to, and your coach will serve as a trusted sounding board and partner, providing new perspectives, tools, and accountability throughout your time together.

During this program, we’ll work together through three phases:

1Vision and Goals

As we begin, you’ll evaluate all the dimensions of your life from your career to your relationships to your health and more. You’ll identify what’s working for you and what’s not, and together we’ll define the bigger vision for your life and set clear goals outlining the changes and progress you want to make during our work together, and beyond. 

2Alignment, Learning, and Growth

In this phase you’ll align your life to the vision and goals you’ve created. During coaching sessions we’ll explore and discuss your progress, what’s getting in the way, and what you want to do differently. You’ll commit to taking action after every coaching session, and you’ll learn and grow from every action you take (and even the ones you don’t!). 

3Completion and Celebration

As we approach the end of our work together, you’ll assess and celebrate your progress, recommit to your goals and accountability structures, and solidify the new learning and mindsets you’ve developed, to keep them with you on the next phase of your journey.

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What will I gain?

Through this program you’ll cultivate a clearer sense of who you are today, what you want most out of work and life, and how you will get there.

You’ll tap into your deeper intuition about what’s right for you, and you’ll gain tools and strategies to maintain your new mindsets and habits over time so you can resist the outer expectations and inner fears that so often derail us all. 

If you commit to consistently and bravely working on yourself through this program, you’ll leave with: 

  • A deeper knowledge of what’s most important to you and why 
  • A set of guiding principles to help you make important decisions about your work and life 
  • An understanding of the beliefs, patterns, and mindsets you hold that are longer right for you, and the ability reset and reframe them 
  • A clear set of goals to help you intentionally work toward the next chapter of your life and career

As one of our clients, you’ll also be invited to join our growing national community of social impact professionals, where you can connect with other like-minded professionals who share your commitment to making a difference.

How is this different from traditional career coaching?

There are a few ways this program differs from traditional career coaching programs.

  • It is holistic: about you as a whole person. While we’ll certainly focus on your career, we’ll also go deeper to understand what’s important to you about your career, how that fits into your bigger vision for your life, and how it connects to what you want in other areas like family and relationships, health, and personal growth. You can show up to our calls with any topic that’s on your mind, and we’ll explore it and make powerful connections to other areas of your life. 
  • It helps you tap into your own wisdom. In this program, we’ll focus on asking you insightful questions and reflecting back things you may not be seeing yourself, to help you create new awareness and access what you know deep down about what you want. While we will provide customized tools and resources aligned to your needs, this program is not focused on providing tactical feedback or career advice (if that’s what you’re looking for, check out our Career Growth coaching program).  
  • It creates a deeper coaching relationship to help you transform your thinking and actions. We work together for six months to give you the time and space to think deeply about what you want and shift your existing patterns of thinking and acting. Creating lasting change takes time, and we’ll be here to partner with you through all the aspects of that process.

If you are looking for more targeted or tactical support with an upcoming career transition or job search, please explore our Career Growth coaching program.

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What is the cost?

The investment for this program is $5,000. This includes an initial deposit of $1,000 to hold your space in the program, and five monthly payments of $800.   

We encourage you to explore using professional development funds offered by your employer to cover the cost of this program, and we are happy to assist with this process.

What’s next?

If what we’ve shared here resonates with you, please request a complimentary consultation call so we can explore the possibility of working together in more detail.

We look forward to talking with you!

Have questions first? Please contact us and we’ll be happy to address them.

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