Mid-Year Career Planning Retreat

Important update: we have reformatted this event as a 90-minute Mid-Year Career Check In Workshop on 6/22. We hope you’ll join us then!

Reflect, reset, and reimagine the impact you want to make this year and beyond

As we approach the midpoint of this year, we are in a unique time of of change, transformation, and opportunity.

We’re emerging from over a year in a global pandemic and trying to figure out what that means for us both individually and collectively. 

As we do that, we’re grappling with some big, existential questions: What do I want to take away from this experience? What have I learned about what’s most important to me? What do I want my impact and legacy to be?

We’re also thinking about more targeted, but no less important, questions: How does my career need to change based on how I have changed this year? How can I center the things that are most important to me now? Is this the right time to make a career move – and if so, how do I get started?

And we’re hearing about massive movement in the job market this year (Turnover Tsunami, anyone?) and wondering what that means for us.

In short, we’re all asking ourselves: “what’s next?”

And while we’ll never be able to predict the future, we owe it to ourselves to take the time to reflect on what we’ve learned and taken away from this most unusual year, and what it means for us personally and professionally.

If you’re ready for a mid-year reset to think about what’s next for you, please join us for our Mid-Year Career Planning Retreat this June.

During this event, we’ll help you reflect on your most important priorities, consider how these will drive your career next steps, and map out a career action plan for the remainder of this year. 

Why this event

As challenging as it has been, the pandemic has provided us a rare kind of clarity about what’s important to us – and now it’s up to us to take action on those priorities.  

We know that taking time to reflect on what matters most to you is what empowers you to pursue work that is fulfilling and meaningful. 

We also know that regularly checking in and revising your goals and plans is key to your success, and that it can be really hard to create that time and space for yourself.

If you did set career goals for this year (no shame if you didn’t!), they might be a bit… foggy… by now. And of course, things have changed immensely in the last six months, and that pace of rapid change will continue, making it even more important to update your plans along the way.

We held our initial Career Clarity Retreat in December 2020, and it was a fantastic way to wrap up the year and prepare for 2021. Our mid-year retreat will help you check in on where you are at this point in the year, make adjustments to your goals, and think intentionally about what you want to accomplish in the second half of the year.

If you joined us in December, we’d love to have you back. And if you didn’t, that’s no problem – the last event is not a pre-requisite for this one!

“It was a great workshop–incredibly helpful to have the reflective space in particular. THANK YOU!”

– December retreat participant

What we’ll do

During this event, we’ll focus on three main priorities:

  • We’ll engage in guided reflection to help you capture insights and themes from the year so far (and this life-changing experience we’ve all just been through).
  • We’ll help you consider how those insights can inform your career next steps – whether that means looking for a new role, or growing where you already are.
  • And we’ll help you look ahead and map out your next steps, to ensure you have a clear career action plan for the rest of this year. 

You’ll leave feeling more empowered to make the choices that are right for you in your career, so that you can make the impact you want to have in the world. 

What’s included

During this event, you’ll get dedicated space, accountability, and structure to focus on yourself and your career goals.  

As an attendee, you’ll receive:

  • A three and a half hour virtual retreat combining coach-facilitated sessions, breakout discussions, and time for reflection
  • A custom workbook to capture your insights and map out your career action plan for the second half of the year
  • Guidance and support from our coaching team, and new connections with a group of like-minded professionals

Please note that this retreat is not focused on tactical elements of the job search process, like working on your resume or preparing for interviews. We have lots of great content on those steps, and we’ll share more about opportunities for you to work with us on those things after this if you’d like to. 

At this event, we’ll be focused on reflection and goal-setting, so that you have clarity on what you want to focus on next.  

“Thanks for the retreat! It was just what I needed.”

– December retreat participant

Who it’s for

This retreat is for mid-career professionals who are already doing, or want to do, work that has a positive social impact in any sector. It is open to those who are currently job searching, considering making a career transition this year, or looking to intentionally focus on their career growth and development. 

This event could be a great fit if you:

  • Are feeling ready to make a change in your career and finding it hard to map out your next steps and take meaningful action 
  • Have been job searching for a while and could use a reset on your goals, strategy, and approach
  • Have taken time away from the formal workforce and want to plan for a return
  • Want to be ready for new opportunities, whenever they come, and want to ensure you’re looking ahead and getting prepared
  • Want to focus on your career growth and development in an intentional way

What you’ll leave with

  • A clearer understanding of what the last year has meant for you, and how that can inform your career choices 
  • An outline of your career action plan for the second half of this year, including high level goals and milestones you’ll be committing to 
  • A new group of like-minded peers you can turn to for support as you execute on your career goals 
  • Priority access to our new programs coming later this year, if you’d like continued support as you move forward 

Thank you so much for this experience and all that you’ve provided. Tons of great content and resources. I’m sincerely grateful.”

– December retreat participant

When it happens

The retreat will be held virtually on June 15, 2021 from 12:00pm – 3:30pm Eastern / 9:00am – 12:30 pm Pacific. We know this is a long time to be on Zoom, and we will be taking breaks!

What it costs

We are offering this event at less than the cost of a single private coaching session! If you have access to professional development funds, this could be a great way to use them. It could also be a creative gift to request or give to others.

We encourage you to sign up by May 28th to receive our early pricing rate.

  • Early pricing (through 5/28): $197
  • Regular pricing: $247


Please contact us and we’d be happy to address them.