Job Search Summer School

Get your search in shape this summer!

Thinking about putting your job search on hold this summer? Not so fast!

Join Job Search Summer School to make progress on your search this summer, while still having time for fun in the sun. 

Why summer school?

It seems like a natural time to ease up a little, but summer is an important time to keep making progress on your job search. Here’s why:

  • Hiring never stops. It may slow down a little over the summer, but organizations are always hiring. And the good news is, you’ll have less competition during the summer (because of all those other slackers who decided to put their job searches on hold!)
  • Summer = natural networking. Summer is the perfect time to set up networking meetings while work is a little less hectic and people are eager for an excuse to get out of the office. There are also lots of informal networking opportunities like summer picnics and parties – so you’ll want to have your pitch down when someone asks “so, what do you do?”
  • Fall is right around the corner. The fall is one of the busiest hiring times of the year, and you need to be prepared. Instead of losing all your momentum and starting from scratch in September, spend the summer getting your plans and materials ready so you can jump on those new opportunities, and even find out about them early through your networking.

What is summer school?

Job Search Summer School combines access to the Self-Study Job Search Bootcamp course with twice monthly group calls throughout the summer facilitated by Erin.

You’ll work through the self-study material at your own pace, and every two weeks you’ll have the chance to connect with a coach and other course participants on a video call to ask questions, get feedback, and create accountability for your search.

You can think of it as a slightly less intense “workout” for your job search vs. the usual Job Search Bootcamp program – perfect for summer! All calls will be recorded, so if you miss one you can catch up on it later. And you’ll also get access to a private Facebook group where you can connect with other participants and program alumni.

Don’t put your search on pause for the next three months – join us for Job Search Summer School!

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Not able to join us this summer, or want a more intense workout for your job search? Join the next live Bootcamp group this fall. Sign up here to learn when registration opens. 

What’s included

If you join Job Search Summer School, you’ll get:

  • Lifetime access to the Self-Study Job Search Bootcamp course, including six comprehensive modules with videos, guides, and worksheets that walk you through all the content you’ll need to plan and execute your social impact job search.
  • Access to six group calls this summer facilitated by Erin. Calls will be hosted virtually via Zoom video and will take place from 12-1 Pacific/3-4 Eastern on the following dates: 6/27, 7/11, 7/25, 8/8, 8/20, 9/5. Please note that 8/20 is a Tuesday; all other calls are on Thursdays. All calls will be recorded.
  • Priority access to 1:1 coaching; you’ll have the option to add individual coaching sessions this summer, if you’d like more tailored support for your search.
  • Membership in the private Careers for Social Impact online community, where you’ll receive special access to job listings and events and connect with a national network of social impact professionals.

What it costs

Your investment of $450 includes lifetime access to the Job Search Bootcamp Self-Study course (a $300 value), ongoing membership in our online community, and six group calls this summer.

Please note: if you have already purchased the Self-Study course, please contact us for special pricing to join Job Search Summer School. 

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How is this different from the live Job Search Bootcamp groups or Self-Study program?

There are a couple key differences to this program vs. the other options:

      • It’s not as hands-on or intensive as the live Job Search Bootcamp groups. Those groups include a 90 minute teaching/activity call as well as a 45 minute group coaching call each week. You are paired with an accountability partner and do a number of partner activities on our calls, and we move quickly through the content (it’s called Bootcamp for a reason!). Job Search Summer School is more laid back – we meet every two weeks for an hour, and you’ll complete assignments and activities on your own time and schedule. 
      • It has more interactivity and accountability than the Self-Study program. Doing just the Self-Study course gives you access to the materials, but there are no calls or coaching included and you’ll need to self-pace your progress. Summer School gives you the chance to ask your questions and meet other course participants and provides a little extra structure to help motivate you to get the work done.

What will we cover on the calls?

During each call we’ll have an accountability check in so you can share what you’ve been working on and where you need support, as well as time for Q&A. You’ll have the ability to submit questions in advance or bring them to the call. 

What if I need to miss a call?

No problem! We know that summer is a tricky time for scheduling, so all calls will be recorded and you can listen to them at any time if you’re not able to join live. 

Can I join from anywhere?

Yes! All calls are held on Zoom video, a very user-friendly platform that you can access anywhere you have an internet connection. No matter where you are based or whether you’re home or traveling, you can hop on and join us.