Our Values

Just as we encourage our clients to clarify their values before embarking on a career transition, we think it’s important for us to share our values with you. Please ensure you are in agreement with these values if you decide to work with us. If you have any questions about our values or how they show up in our work, please let us know.

Ownership & action

We believe that taking ownership of your career allows you to make the greatest impact and find the most fulfillment. We support our clients in getting clear on their values, priorities, and strengths and taking action to find career opportunities that are a fit for them. This ownership mindset extends to our work: we follow through on our commitments, we do what we say we will, and when we make mistakes, we own them and take action to make things right.

Trust & transparency

We believe that trust is paramount in our work, and that transparency builds trust. We strive to be as clear as possible about who we are, what we do, how we do it, and who we are best positioned to help. We also work to bring more transparency to the hiring process by sharing our own stories, knowledge and experience to help clients navigate it successfully.

Equity & access

We believe that everyone deserves to have meaningful work. We are committed to being an anti-racist and inclusive organization, and to helping remove barriers to access and opportunity for marginalized groups and individuals. We work to highlight systemic inequities and racist practices that exist in the hiring process and the workplace, and to help dismantle them.

Curiosity & constant learning

We believe that authentic curiosity is key to building strong relationships and to understanding the needs and challenges of our clients. We see learning as a continuous process, and failure as an important and necessary tool for growth. We regularly seek out diverse perspectives and feedback and we push ourselves to take risks and try new things, persisting through the discomfort of ambiguity and uncertainty.

Community & collaboration

We believe that everyone benefits when we work together. We value collaboration over competition, we seek out opportunities to partner and create a bigger pie, and we see incredible power in peer-to-peer support and knowledge sharing. We are amplifying our impact by building a thriving community of social impact professionals who will support and uplift each other in doing work that will benefit all of us.