Announcing Our 2024 Programs!

By Erin Ewart

I’m still wrapping my mind around the fact that in 2024 we’ll celebrate our 10th year in business!

As I reflect on all that I’ve learned in these 10 years of coaching so many folks through career change, there’s one thing that’s become really clear: 

Designing a truly fulfilling and impactful career requires getting to know yourself on a deeper level. 

You need to understand what energizes you, and what doesn’t; how your core values shape your actions and the impact you want to have on the world; and how you want to use the constellation of unique strengths, skills and experiences you’ve built to add value to an organization and a team.

Over the years I’ve seen that while people may come to coaching with the goal of finding a new job, there’s almost always more going on under the surface that we need to explore so they can understand why they want to make a change, and what a satisfying and fulfilling career next step would be for them.

When you’re eager to make a career change, it can feel productive to update your resume and start firing off applications. But if that’s the first move you make, there’s a good chance you’ll end up in another role or organization that’s not right for you. 

Instead, we see in our work that if you start by better understanding yourself, you can build a strong foundation that will help you identify what a fulfilling and impactful career future would look like for you. 

This self-knowledge comes through answering questions like: 

  • What are the most important things in my life today, and how will they impact my career choices? 
  • What do I need to feel happy and fulfilled at work, and outside of work? 
  • What assumptions or fears are keeping me stuck, and how can I move past them to pursue what I really want? 

While these are not easy questions to answer, I have seen time and time again how doing this kind of reflection to get deeper clarity about who you are and what you want ultimately leads to the biggest breakthroughs and the best results. 

As we’ve focused more on these questions with our clients, we’ve seen them shifting beliefs and patterns they’ve held for years, opening up to new possibilities, and achieving goals that once felt out of reach.

Our clients have:

  • Designed careers that fit their biggest priorities and balance their goals for impact, income, flexibility, and time with family 
  • Leveled up in bigger roles by deeply understanding and embracing their strengths and crafting their unique approach to leadership 
  • Built the clarity and confidence to leave roles and organizations that aren’t right for them, in order to find what is 
  • Tapped into the courage to express what they really want in work and life, and take action to pursue it

As we enter our 10th year, I’m excited to share that we’ll be expanding our focus on these bigger picture questions in the year ahead, and making some shifts in our programs to allow us to better support our clients in their holistic career growth and development. 

We’ll be offering three core programs in 2024: 

1. Our six month individual Career and Leadership coaching program will be our primary 1:1 coaching program in the year ahead. This program blends the best aspects of our current three and six month coaching programs, and creates more time and space to partner with our clients as they pursue their career goals. We’re excited to expand our 1:1 work in this way, and we are currently scheduling consultation calls to begin this program in the new year. 

2. Our Take Ownership of Your Career program will be our primary group program in 2024. We just finished a fantastic fall cohort of this program and we’re excited to keep it going! This program helps you clarify your career vision and create a plan to pursue it, so you can find more meaning, satisfaction, and impact in your work. Our next cohort will begin on January 30th, and registration will open in early December; join the interest list to be the first to learn when sign ups open or about future programs. 

3. Our Job Search course will be the primary way to access our job search content in 2024. If you are most focused on an immediate career transition, this comprehensive course includes all the resources and content we’ve developed over the years to help you find a new role with clarity and confidence. You may choose to add 1:1 coaching sessions to the course for more targeted support from our team. 

In addition to these programs, we’ll continue to offer special coaching options to our alumni (community members, we’ll be sharing those details with you soon!).  

And we’ll continue to run events in 2024, including our quarterly Social Impact Networking events (join us for the next one on 12/7!) and career workshops (with the next one coming up in January). 

Finally, we are excited to partner more with organizations in the year ahead to provide coaching and leadership development for individuals and teams. We see this as another important way to grow our impact and help leaders proactively work toward their career goals. If your organization would like to offer leadership or career coaching for your employees, we’d love to talk about how we can partner with you. 

Just like our clients, we continue to grow and evolve, and I’m excited to enter our 10th year with these updated programs that will allow us to partner with our clients in even deeper and more impactful ways. 

We’ll be sharing more about these program options at our upcoming events, and I’ll be also be sharing some updates soon about my own career evolution and how that has influenced these changes. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions about how to work with us in the year ahead, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to partnering with you in 2024! 

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