Announcing Our Summer Coaching Specials!

By Erin Ewart

Summer is a time when many people put their career plans on pause. “I’ll pick this back up in the fall,” we often hear from potential clients. 

But summer is actually a great time to focus on your career. Hiring is still happening and you’ll have less competition this time of year as other job seekers take time off. And even if you aren’t planning to make a career move until later in the year, this is the time to get prepared so you’re not starting from scratch in the fall. 

Summer is a time when we all need a little more flexibility, and we’re excited to share that we’re offering THREE special coaching programs this summer to help you keep your momentum going and get the support you need, on your schedule.

Whether you want to work at your own pace, need a single targeted coaching session, or prefer a deeper level of support – we’ve got an option for you!

(Usually we only offer these kinds of flexible coaching options to our past clients, but from now through August they are open to everyone!)

In today’s more competitive hiring market, it’s extra important to be clear on what you’re best at, what you’re looking for, and how your unique skills and experience can add value to an organization.

And that’s exactly what we’ll help you do with our summer programs.  

Don’t let this summer slip away without making progress on your career goals! Investing even a small amount of time and energy into your career this summer will pay big dividends, while still allowing plenty of time for fun in the sun.

In addition to these special summer options, we have just a few spots remaining to start in our comprehensive three month Individual Coaching Program this summer. Please request an initial consultation if you’d like to discuss this option.   

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